• Ramset COBRA 27 Calibre Cobra Powder Actuated Tool Kit

* Includes case & safety glasses
* Fires to 2-1/2" 3" washered) drive pins
* Weighs only 5lbs
* Uses "more powerful" 10 shot strips
* 27 caliber loads instead of 22 caliber
* RAMSET is the standard by which
* Others are compared

The Cobra is the ideal tool for all your remodeling needs. Low velocity piston drive tool -provides added safety on the job. Padded recoil-absorbing handle-for greater operator comfort. Fastens up to 3" standard Ramset drive pins and threaded studs - ideal for general construction applications. Weight: 4 1/2 lbs. Length: 13 1/4 in Muzzle Bushing O.D.: 9/16" Uses .27 Caliber 10-shot strip loads,3(green)4(yellow)5(red) Pin Capacity: 2 1/2 in ( 3"w/washer)

Always wear eye and ear protection at all times. If you aren't sure which power level to use then start with a lower level and work your way up. And remember that 1" of penetration into concrete is the rule of thumb. And yes, with the proper power level and correct length you can fasten to structural steel. But beware the noise and the recoil.

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Ramset COBRA 27 Calibre Cobra Powder Actuated Tool Kit

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